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18 February 2022

ANZSIL Perspective 27th Edition

The editorial team of ANZSIL Perspective are delighted to announce the forthcoming 27th Edition of ANZSIL Perspective. We invite International Scholars and Practitioners to contribute short commentaries (+/- 1000 words) on areas of interest in international law for publication as a Perspective to our membership and online at the ANZSIL Perspective Webpage.

In our November 2021 edition we heard from Monique Cormier on The International Legal Implications of AUKUS: A Poor Precedent for Non-Proliferation, Alberto Alvarez-Jimenez on The New Zealand Supreme Court and the UN International Law Commission: A Dialogue on Subsequent Conduct in the Interpretation of Contracts and Treaties, and John Morss on A Review of ‘To the Uttermost Parts of the World’ by Martti Koskenniemi.

We recognise the continuing importance of maintaining conversations and discussions on other topics with an international perspective, through diverse expert voices including practitioners, academics, practicing academics.

We now invite articles and book reviews for the 27th Edition by 18 February 2022.These can be broad or specific papers. We want to engage with all our interest groups and membership as well as international scholars and practitioners, and to support the active collaboration and dialogue between members and others in the international law community on topical issues of interest in international law.

We welcome submissions from early career researchers and PhD students.

Guidelines and submission details are on the ANZSIL Perspective web page here.

Previous Editions of ANZSIL Perspectives are here. 

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