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Guidelines for submitting an article to ANZSIL Perspective for publication

Current call for Perspectives

Please see the current call for Perspectives here.


ANZSIL Perspective Guidelines 2021

ANZSIL Perspective is an open-access and publicly available resource online for ANZSIL members and beyond. It is overseen by an Editor and an editorial team, including a book reviews editor. The aim is to publish monthly. We also welcome submissions with an immediate focus for off-schedule publication.

Potential contributors are encouraged to look at past Perspectives for guidance as to the approach taken by Perspective contributors when tackling legal issues and topics covered in previous editions.

ANZSIL Perspectives are short articles that are intended to provide publicly accessible and timely commentary and analysis on current issues in international law. The aim is to publish Perspectives on a wide range of international law topics, and represent the diversity of interests that make up the ANZSIL membership and the wider international law community. ANZSIL encourages submissions from both members and non-members on topics of that fit this profile, including early career researchers and PhD students.


Drafting guidelines

Submissions should:

  • be the original work of the author(s)
  • be unpublished in identical form in; another forum, although Perspectives drawn from broader works (such as article or book projects) are welcome;
  • provide links to relevant related content (please do not use footnotes);
  • indicate if the topic is time sensitive and explain why and with what timescale for editorial consideration;
  • be up to 1500 words in length; and
  • acknowledge both sides of debatable points.

The intention of Perspectives is to provide a snapshot of an issue and some analysis and to keep ANZSIL members and others informed of current issues in international law. For that reason, submissions should be written in a way that a reader can understand the issue being presented without having prior expert knowledge of it. The use of hyperlinks in the article are intended to provide readers with resources to find out more about the topic.


Some general editorial guidelines include

  • submission should be in electronic form in MS Word and spellchecked;
  • limited use of acronyms, and only where the full name has first been used;
  • judicious use of quoted text; and
  • authors should declare any interests, such as representing a party in a case or other matter described.


Submission process

  1. All submissions should be sent to
  2. Submissions will be considered by the editorial team and a determination will be made as to whether submissions are suitable for publication within a week. regard will be paid to the timeliness or newsworthiness of the topic and recently published submissions in deciding whether a particular submission is suitable for publication. 
  3. When a submission is accepted for publication, the author(s) will be notified and a member of the editorial team will undertake a review of the article. Any editorial suggestions will be put to the author for consideration before a final draft is formatted for publication by the ANZSIL Secretariat. 
  4. All articles will be emailed to ANZSIL members, and be made publicly available on the ANZSIL website. Hardcopies of Perspectives may also be made available at ANZSIL events.


Book reviews

Perspectives seeks to publish reviews of recent books on international law topics. Authors or publishers who wish to have a book reviewed in Perspectives should approach the editors via the ANZSIL email above. The book reviews editor will reply to discuss a potential review.